Christopher McQuarrie Suggests He's Directing 'Mission: Impossible 5'

Back in November, reports said Christopher McQuarrie would be directing Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 5. This made sense on numerous levels. Brad Bird, who directed the fourth film, had moved to another project. McQuarrie and Cruise have a great relationship, culminating in Jack Reacher, which at the time was yet to be released. Finally, each entry in the M:I series to date had a new director at the helm.

Then Jack Reacher came out and while the film did pretty well critically, it underperformed financially. Whether that was because it was released days after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and the film begins with a savage sniper attack, because people are just over Tom Cruise, or if people just didn't respond to the marketing and/or film is to be determined.

Either way, the question remained, "Would McQuarrie be handed the keys to one of Paramount's biggest franchises?" That seems to be the case. McQuarrie took to Twitter and said he's "deciding to accept" the gig. Which is an odd choice of words, but suggests some sort of offer has been made and acceptance is imminent  There's more below.

Here's the tweet from McQuarrie (via Empire):

We've contacted Paramount for clarification on this and have yet to hear back, but, it certainly seems like McQuarrie is going to direct the film.

UPDATE: McQuarrie tweeted this:

When Deadline originally broke this news in November, they suggested McQuarrie would not be writing the film. On a purely speculative level, I have a feeling if he is "deciding to accept" that might be playing a part. McQuarrie is an Oscar-winning screenwriter first and foremost, in addition to a budding action director. You'd have to imagine he'll want some serious story input, if not a pass or two at the script.

In the line of Mission: Impossible directors, McQuarrie does fit in nicely. DePalma, Woo, Abrams and Bird all brought something different and McQuarrie should be able to do the same. He not like any of the other guys. I'd love to see him shrink it down a bit, keep it character-based and dialogue heavy. That would make the big action set pieces Mission: Impossible is known for have that much more impact. Still, he'll have a hard time topping Ghost Protocol.

What do you make of McQuarrie's tweet? Do you want to see him to M:I 5?