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Header Photo: Star Wars Valentine's Day Cards

20 Thoughts on the 20th Anniversary of Groundhog Day

Twenty-seven TV credits that evolved with their series

Fan Made Star Wars Movie Trailer in the Style of J.J. Abrams

'Entourage' Movie: 5 Celebrities Who Should Reprise Their Roles

20 Instances In Which Real-Life Age Differentials Would've Made Parent/Child Characters Practically Impossible

Titanic retold in Emojis (submitted by /Film reader Raj R)

What Your Favourite Star Wars Movie Says About You

6 Filmmaking Tips From Silent Era Icon Harold Lloyd

The Kiss (Klimt – Inspired Han / Leia) by *Rabittooth

The craziest ways Daniel Day-Lewis prepared for roles

Man Of The Future –  Back to the Future / Man Of Steel Trailer mash-up

James Franco says he'd do full sex for a scene because of course he would

Robert Shane's Star Wars/Star Trek mash-ups

Kathleen Kennedy to Receive Pioneer of The Year Award

U.S. Poster For Cristian Mungiu's Cannes Award Winning Drama 'Beyond The Hills'

Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace in Talks for 'Child 44'

New Poster For Side Effects

Zac Efron to Star in Akiva Goldsman's Thriller 'The Falling'

Top 10 Box Office Duels (Over The Same Material)

Paramount's Second Animated Film To Be Based On Original Concept

Doctor Who TARDIS PC

Charlize Theron Nearing Deal to Star in Seth MacFarlane's 'Million Ways to Die'

Make Your Own R2-D2 Heels Complete With Blinking Lights

Sundance: QED Picks Up 'Breathe In' International Rights

XNO's grotesque Jetsons

Jessica Chastain In Liv Ullmann's 'Miss Julie'

Gianmarco Magnani's Back to the Future 2 poster

Cody Horn Signs on for Dimension's 'Untitled James Wan Thriller'

Scott C's Great Showdown tribute to Empire Strikes Back

Survivors Of 9/11 Victims Slam Senators For Trashing 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Middle-Earth Problem Solving Chart

Disney, Google Chrome Unveil 'Oz'-Themed Next-Gen Web Experience

Hobbit Cakes

Sam Worthington to star in 'For the Dogs'


9 Things You Absolutely Must Know Today If You Want to Graduate From Pop-Culture College

Monsters, Inc. Tattoo is Monster-rific

Blame Steven Spielberg for Ellis on Smash

Watch: How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made, Circa 1939

'Smallville's Tom Welling Joins JFK Pic 'Parkland'

Lord of the Rings Lithograph Fine Art Print

Max Borenstein To Adapt 'Mona' For New Regency

Major League Boba Fett Star Wars Vinyl Sticker

10 Movie Stars With Surprising Musical Talents

Behind the scenes: Zach Snyder on the set of 300

Apple: No New Apple TV Features Anytime Soon

Jeff Victor's "Double dumbass on you!" Star Trek IV print

Christoph Waltz to Host Saturday Night Live

Replica Ghostbusters Proton Backpack

5 Reasons to Be Thankful When 'Glee' Robs You Blind

"Full Moon" by Revital Laufer and Guy Garibian

How to write an original TV pilot

Splinter and the Baby Mutant Non-Teenage Turtles

The 5 Best Zombie Short Films to Watch Online



Mr. Whaite's "Dance, magic dance..."

Living Social: Discount for 'Mulan' at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood

Watch: Anne Hathaway's 'I Dreamed a Dream' Hilariously Skewered, 'I Did It All in One Take, Bitches'

Bobby Moresco to Write and Direct The Harbor

'Die Hard With a Vengeance' infographic

Simon & Schuster Get J.D. Salinger Biography 'The Private War,' PBS Picks Up Rights to Documentary for 'American Masters'

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