'Star Trek Into Darkness' Featurette: The 'Most Fun And Challenging' Film Of J.J. Abrams' Career

Relentless action, 3D spectacle, and IMAX-size scope. In less than 90 seconds all that and more is discussed in regards to J.J. Abrams' next movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. With all the news centering on that other film Abrams will soon work on, it's been easy to overlook this film, a sequel to the hit 2009 Star Trek revival.

A new featurette has been released to try and draw our attention back to the Abrams movie we'll be getting in months (as opposed to years for Star Wars) and in it we hear from the director, several of the stars and see lots of footage from the first few trailers. Check it out below.

Thanks to CinemaTeaser (via The Playlist) for this video.

While this video definitely reminded me of how many reasons there are to be excited for Star Trek Into Darkness, well before Star Wars Episode VII, I can't help but think it's already dated.

I can live without new footage and with the obvious, positive spin from all of the pariticpants. But Abrams calling the film the most "fun and challenging" of his career, in hindsight feels like an overstatement. I'm sure when he shot this film and subsequent interview, that was true. Into Darkness had to live up to very high expectations after the awesome first film. "Challenging," however, isn't even the word when it comes to Abrams and Star Wars. If Into Darkness was like climbing a mountain, his next movie is Everest.

That said, we're still very much looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness and uncovering the secrets Abrams and crew have in store for us.