'Upside Down' Trailer: Kirsten Dunst And Jim Sturgess Defy Gravity, Literally

No, that header image isn't flipped — Kirsten Dunst's world is. She and Jim Sturgess are the stars of Upside Down, Juan Diego Solanas' sci-fi romance about star-crossed lovers in two adjacent planets with opposite gravitational pulls. Though the pair meet and fall in love in childhood, they're unable to be together because strict laws forbid them from entering each other's worlds.

We've been tracking the film since about 2009, and finally got our first look at some footage when the international trailer hit about a year ago. Now, at long last, we have a domestic trailer to share. Check it out after the jump.

Essentially, Upside Down is another forbidden love tale a la Romeo and Juliet or Titanic, only with a sci-fi thriller twist. It's a premise that has a lot of potential, which is why it's disappointing that the trailer suggests that the film is more interested in the sci-fi than the romance. The trippy special effects look cool, but that can only take the movie so far. The actual relationship between Adam and Eden (yes, really, those are their names) seems thinly sketched. Hopefully, the actual film will do a better job of balancing its various influences.

Upside Down has premiered in a few countries already, but it hits U.S. theaters in limited release on March 15. Here's the synopsis:

Kept apart from the girl he has loved his entire life; Adam must fight to reunite with Eden. But the laws of his world as well as the laws of gravity keep him from her. Adam must risk everything to access the forbidden world of affluence that exists literally above him. As he struggles to keep the authorities from discovering him while manipulating the gravitational force that physically pulls him back to his world, Adam faces insurmountable danger in hopes of finding his long-lost love.