Here's How 'Django Unchained' Plays Into The Tarantino Universe

Although Quentin Tarantino's works aren't overtly linked like, say, the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are, his devoted fans know they're all connected in smaller, subtler ways. Perhaps the most famous association is between Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction — Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) are brothers — but there's also the offhand mention of True Romance's Alabama (Patricia Arquette) in Reservoir Dogs, the familial relationship between Ingourious Basterds' Donnie Donowitz (Eli Roth) and True Romance's Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek), and so on.

Tarantino's latest, Django Unchained, takes place a century before all those other films, making it a little more difficult to connect it to the rest of his oeuvre. But fear not, Tarantino lovers — the master filmmaker has found a way. Hit the jump to find out what it is.

Fortunately for us, Redditor thefirerisesnolan (via Badass Digest) has now figured it out. See the image below:

Ta-da! Pulp Fiction's Captain Koons (Christopher Walken) is, in fact, a descendant of a wanted gang member named Crazy Craig Koons from Django Unchained. "Minor" is an understatement. I know you'll correct me if I'm wrong, but to my recollection we never actually see Crazy Craig Koons in Django Unchained. It's great to see that the connection is there, but it's a very subtle one.

Interestingly, Tarantino has spoken before about Django Unchained's ties to another well-known pop culture property. Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), Django's wife, has the surname "von Shaft," in a nod to, duh, Shaft. Tarantino has said that he imagines Broomhilda and Django to be the character's ancestors. Apparently, badassery runs in that bloodline.

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