'Wrong Cops' Teaser Trailer: Quentin Dupieux's Work In Progress Looks Absolutely Insane

Quentin Dupieux isn't known for making the sanest movies. The director of Rubber and Wrong excels at the absurb, and his latest film, Wrong Cops, might even top his previous two films. Here's the twist. The film isn't done. However, he's premiering the first 45 minutes of the film at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. To celebrate the occasion, he has released a teaser trailer for the film. Featuring Marilyn Manson, Eric Wareheim, Jonathan Lajoie and many others, check it out below.

Thanks to Twitchfilm for this teaser.

Imagine a Los Angeles where crime is so low that a bored cop (Mark Burnham) sells drugs and harasses a teenager (Marilyn Manson) to pass the time. Shot in stand-alone chapters as it is being financed, screened, and released, Wrong Cops is gonzo filmmaking with a unique online strategy. Watch the first 45 minutes of craziness, and then dive into conversation with the cast and creative team.