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How Star Wars Might've Had a Different Darth Vader20 Movies Most Likely to Pop at Sundance

Neil Richards Breaking Bad inspired print 'C10H15N'

Sundance Film Festival 2013 Preview: 15 Films To Keep An Eye On

Troma's Lloyd Kaufman ("Toxic Avenger," "Poultrygeist") to Host "Ask Me Anything" on 1/17/13 at 1pm EST

Doctor Who Wedding CakeSchwarzeneggenomics: Ranking Every Single Arnold Movie

Sundance 2013: 5 Faces to Watch

James Gilleard's print for the 'Gizmos and Gadgets' show over at Bottleneck Gallery

Top 20 Posters of 2012

Transformers 4 Trailer parody (Mark Wahlberg version)Kevin Jagernauth's Favorite Films Of 2012

R2-D2 surfboard

The 15 Best Neo-Noir FilmsShort Circuit print by Jay Shaw

'Oz the Great and Powerful' Fun Facts (Part Two)

Hellboy print by GodmachineTop 10 TV Shows That Ripped Off Other TV ShowsStar Wars adult footed pajamas

Postal Service must stop favoring Netflix DVDs over GameFly ones, says appeals court

Guillermo del Toro's DVD PicksLetters of Note: My name is Sidney PoitierTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Glass Pizza Pipe

Catalog Blu-ray 3D Releases Coming from Lionsgate and Samsung

The Rocketeer print by Justin VanGenderen3 Movies They Don't Make Anymore (But Really Should)Star Wars Typography PrintsGAME OF THRONES Season 3 List Of Writers And Directors

Trailers From Hell: John Landis on The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

Glenn Fleishman laments the freezing of the public domain in America under relentless entertainment-industry lobbying

Behind the scenes photo from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

9 Creative Cinematic Portrayals of Prehistoric Times

12 Lost Disney Characters You've Probably Never Heard Of

Sundance 2013: Kate's 10 Most Anticipated Films

Wookiee The Chew' Footstool

Kevin Kelly on the realism of the 48 frames/second version of The Hobbit.

Upcoming Raiders of the Lost Ark tee by Last Exit to Nowhere

Topless Robot's Top Ten Toys of 2012

Darth Vader voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 5 Least Anticipated TV Shows of January 2013Star Wars "Smuggler's Hideaway" PrintThe 5 Most Badass Movie Scenes That Happened in Real LifeThe Darjeeling Limited poster by Ryan McShane

The Up Documentary Series Is the Anti-Reality TV

Back to the Future poster from artist LifeVersa33 Things We Learned from 'The Hurt Locker' CommentaryNew Image From 'Lovelace' Starring Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Jessica Parker Cut From FilmBrian Grazer Says James Brown Biopic Is Ready To Start Casting

Supercut: Insulting Nicknames From Archer

'Chronicle' Star to Head 'Through the Never' for Metallica and the Director of 'Predators'

The First Teaser Poster for Shawn Levy's THE INTERNSHIPStar Trek: The Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans Are 'Afoot'New Images Of Ashton Kutcher & Josh Gad As Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak In 'Jobs'Ryan Page to write and direct Kennedy conspiracy pic 'Dallas in Wonderland'

Sundance First Look: 'Afternoon Delight' Poster

Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie

'Oz the Great and Powerful' New Hi-Res Still, Behind-the-Scenes Images

Theater goes subscription-based to stay alive (via)

Steven Tobolowsky stars in the latest SoulPancake short, "The Hitchhiker"

'Scarface's Al Pacino, Brian De Palma Tackle Penn State Coach Joe Paterno In Feature

Custom The Walking Dead surfboard

It's the Best Best Supporting Actor Category in the History of Oscars

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