Concept Art From Sylvain Chomet's 'Triplets Of Belleville' Prequel 'Swing Popa Swing'

Briefly: French animation director Sylvain Chomet is going back in time. His new film will likely be Swing Popa Swing. The subject of the film is linked to Chomet's breakout success, as it will look back to the youth of three sisters seen in his film The Triplets of Belleville.Swing Popa Swing is in the financing stage right now, and if things work out it still won't be released until at least 2014 — more than ten years since The Triplets of Belleville premiered in 2003. As with Triplets, the film will feature plot elements that go beyond the mundane confines of everyday existence. While Swing Popa Swing will reportedly see the girls in their youth as they deal with their father, who hopes they'll study medicine rather than music, it will also include "sci-fi elements in the subplot involving aliens and a battle between CIA and KGB agents trying to capture their spacecraft."Twitch points to the page at the Cartoon Movie convention page that has the art. Click the image above for a bigger version, and peruse that Cartoon Movie page for more great-looking new European animated projects.