The Honest Trailer For 'Inception' Gives The Film A Kick

Christopher Nolan's Inception was never meant to be simple. The film features a final shot that explicitly doesn't tell us what happens in the end and a plot that mirrors the world it creates, featuring many layers of story rolling out simultaneously. And it's a movie about entering other people's dreams. For that reason alone, it was bound to have plot holes. At least it keeps us entertained long enough to ignore them.

But no matter. The team at Screen Junkies has decided to set Inception in its sights for the latest Honest Trailer. Really, what did Inception do to deserve that? Nolan's brief detour from Batman was minding its business, quietly playing on HBO and living on your DVD shelf. And while this trailer, like the others, is funny and makes some good points, I think it stretches more than most. Do you agree? Check it out below.

Thanks to Screenjunkies once again for the Honest Trailer to Inception.