Help Repertory Cinema! Los Angeles's Cinefamily Starts Restoration Kickstarter

In Los Angeles, we're blessed with some of the best movie theaters in the world. I'm not talking about the state-of-the-art multiplexes either. I mean the multitude of tiny repertory theaters that show everything from silent films to cult releases of the '80s, '90s and today. Theaters like these are heaven for film fans. A place to see an old favorite on the big screen with a director Q&A after, sitting next to a Hollywood star, who is there just to experience the movie as a fan like you.

The problem with these theaters is they have a limited mass appeal. Without the latest movies to show, their audiences are generally limited. So they struggle to stay afloat. One of Los Angeles's best repertory theaters, the Cinefamily, is currently in need of some support to keep up with the advancing technology in the film industry. So they've started a Kickstarter. Just head to that link to help or read more about the theater and its aims below.

Here's the Cinefamily's Kickstarter video that'll explain better than I could. But I'll try below.

To give an small idea of they type of movies that get screened at the Cinefamily, here's a small sampling of the film's I've personally seen there in the past few years:

  • A 25th anniversary reunion screening of Thrashin' 
  • Theatrical runs of Margaret (the only one in LA) and We Need To Talk About Kevin
  • Midnight fun with Birdemic
  • A return engagement of Battle Royale 
  • The Savage Steve Holland One Crazy Summer/Better of Dead Double Feature
  • The classic rollerblade film Airborne. 
  • And that's just the stuff I've seen there. You can imagine is even more diverse than that. Doug Benson does his Interruption screenings there. They'll play the first 5 minutes of a bunch of crazy things and let the crowd vote on which they want to watch. Retrospectives, tribunes  marathons, It's just a great, fun place. Not to mention, if you get their early enough, they have super comfy couches for you.

    They've also been known to hand out free beverages, have parties on their back patio, and always innovate with their programming. And they need your help.

    The theater has been kicking ass for five years, but anyone who has been there knows, it's a little behind the times. So they're trying to upgrade. Digital projector, new seats, carpet, sound, the whole shebang. That's where the Kickstarter comes in. There's more info there.

    But they aren't just asking for handouts. They're doing some amazing events in the coming days and weeks to try and earn it. Visit their website, to see. Here's hoping the Cinefamily can raise the kind of funds it needs to keep showing awesome movies for as long as possible.