Star Trek Bits: J.J. Abrams And Benedict Cumberbatch Talk John Harrison Plus Kirk's Possible Love Story, Hand Analyzation, New Trailer And More

The Star Trek Into Darkness flood gates officially opened this past week, with an announcement trailer, nine-minute IMAX prologue, villain reveal and Bad Robot set visit. Click on each of those links to read our takes on the latest in the Trek universe. But /Film obviously wasn't the only site paying attention to Trek, and several others culled other all kinds of different information from the stars, footage and more. After the jump:

  • Watch a video of J.J. Abrams discussing Benedict Cumberbatch's character John Harrison
  • Watch Benedict Cumberbatch talk about Harrison, the "terrorist."
  • Read what the Star Trek Into Darkness screenwriters had to say about Harrison (see a pattern forming here?)
  • Check out my favorite of the multitude of wacky theories concerning Harrison.
  • Listen to Chris Pine discuss a possibly love interest in Carol Marcus (Alice Eve).
  • Did someone actually photobomb the set of Star Trek Into Darkness?
  • Look at one fan's impressive analysis of the Wrath of Khan homage in the announcement trailer.
  • Read a beat by beat description from the full teaser trailer, out next week, and find out when you'll see the theatrical trailer.
  • First thing's first. Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison. Whether or not John Harrison is Khan or Gary Mitchell, remains to be seen. The people who would know, though, are the creative braintrust behind Star Trek Into Darkness and the actor himself. Here are some quotes from each.

    Here, MTV talks to J.J. Abrams who says "The whole thing, not just his backstory, but his agenda, his plan, his secret, all that is what, for me at least, makes him such a frightening and cool villain."

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    Movie Trailers, Movies BlogMTV also spoke to Benedict Cumberbatch, who calls the character a "terrorist."

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    Movie Trailers, Movies Blog was at the event and cornered one of the three screenwriters, Alex Kurtzman, and asked him if John Harrison was part of the Star Trek canon:

    Well without revealing too much what I can tell you is that in the same spirit as "can the Enterprise be under water? What does that mean? How are we going to justify this? How are we going to explain it?" We went back and we talked a lot about things that made us want to make the first movie in the first place as fans. And what do we feel was successful for the fans. A lot of that had to do with honoring the history — honoring the show. But we also want to come up with a way to make the stories feel fresh and unpredictable. So without revealing too much, we applied the same thinking to Harrison.

    The mystery continues and several website who have super duper Trekkers writing for them have taken the name, John Harrison, and things we learned from the prologue and more, and come up with theories. My favorite comes from Movieline who seems to have found a character in the Trek canon Harrison could be: John Harriman, played by Cameron himself, Alan Ruck. Read that crazy theory (which involved Gary Mitchell and teases Khan) at that link.

    Back to MTV, they spoke to Captain Kirk himself (Chris Pine) about the recent revelation that Alice Eve plays Carol Marcus, the mother to Kirk's child in the original films. Do they get intimate?

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    Lightening up the mood a bit, Trek Movie points to a quick shot in the teaser trailer where a guy with sunglasses appears to be staring into the camera and smiling.

    This, of course, has already started a photo meme.

    Next time Abrams does his press rounds, this MUST be discussed.

    Now to get super duper geeky, Collider found a post on Deviant Art where someone analyzed the structure of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine's hands to see which character's hand is in this shot.

    I'm not going to spoil it, or the HUGE cache of visual evidence behind their finding (paparazzi shots, film stills, Photoshop, etc.) but head there to check it out. If true, it's a MASSIVE spoiler.

    Finally, back to the gentleman at TrekMovie. He has a detailed rundown of the full teaser trailer, which will be with The Hobbit this weekend and online Monday, as well as the revelation that a theatrical trailer will be released in February or March.