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Header Photo: (Tom) Hanks for the Memories by Jeff Victor

Martin Scorsese Defends Taking 22 Years and Counting to Direct 'Silence'

'Terminator Center' To Open At Cambridge University, Evaluate The Threat Of Dying In Robot Apocalypse

Scoundrels – A Han Solo & Indiana Jones Mashup

21 Movie Villains with Secret Good IntentionsWhat Disneyland's "awkward transitions" teach us about signaling changes with physical cuesTotoro Cloak

The Best Director For Episode 7? It May Not be Who You Think.

10 Television Cliffhangers That Make Great Series Finales

Alternate poster art for the Rise of the Guardians created by Art Director Max Boas and Visual Developer Perry Maple Dixon, available for preorder at Gallery Nucleus.

HBO places renewed focus on digital content, mobile apps with Seattle 'Code Labs' office

Walking Dead-inspired Brick Grimes t-shirtFive Favorite Films with Hitchcock Director Sacha Gervasi

Imagineering Behind the Scenes Video of DHS "Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow" Attraction

10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Cinephile

Doc In The Box t-shirt

Daniel Radcliffe Has Joined The World Of Social MediaWreck It Ralph-inspired We Can Fix It! t-shirt

Music Doc Filmmakers Increasingly Looking to Kickstarter for Funding

Bilbo Receives Sting in the First Clip From The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Guy Pearce, Rosamund Pike & Bryan Brown Set For Aussie Drama 'Violet Town'

Shane Prigmore posted Rise of the Guardians concept art.

Silver Pictures Picks Up Action Spec from 'XXX' Writer

Neil's Puppet Dreams, Neil Patrick Harris' New Nerdist Channel Series

Universal Sets Release Date For Thriller 'The Purge'

The Hobbit Limited Edition Moleskine Notebooks

Disney designer Mel Shaw dies at 97

Totoro Beer t-shirt

Pinewood Shepperton Studios See Increased Film Revenues, Operating Profit

Awesome fan video turns Walking Dead's Daryl into Indiana Jones

'Life-Size' 2 And More Disney TV Movies That Should Get Sequels

Gary Oldman and Michael K. Williams on the set of RobocopGrierson & Leitch's Year In Review: The Best Forgotten Performances

Entertainment Tonight visits the set of Horns

Munster: Apple Hasn't Released A HDTV Yet Because Of Screen Problems [Analyst]

Show Your Star Wars Pride With R2-D2, Boba Fett and AT-AT Jackets

Netflix Finally Comes to Ubuntu in the Form of an Unofficial Desktop App

TMNT April by Andrew Fourthwish

Now and Then: 'Heaven's Gate,' Catastrophe or Classic?

Worth Watching: Futuristic Action-Packed Sci-Fi Short 'Memorize'Martin Short And Jamie Foxx To Host SNL, Paul McCartney To Perform For Christmas EpisodeTwin Peaks Pencils

Kevin! John Williams' 'Home Alone 2' Score Getting Limited Edition, Expanded Reissue

Don Cheadle Returns As A Psychotic Captain Planet, And Trees Are Still His Jam

DreamWorks Plans The Light Between Oceans

C-3PO and R2-D2 Premium Format Figures

10 Reasons A Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Is A Terrible Idea

Homemade cardboard Star Destroyer

The 4 Least Anticipated Movies of December 2012

Girls Walks a Marathon While Watching a Lord of The Rings Marathon

Losing it at the movies with Film Crit HulkEssentials: Movie Den7 Biopics Where Anthony Hopkins Failed To Look Like Anyone Other Than Anthony Hopkins (With 1 Strange Exception)iOS app for 'Game of Thrones' books keeps track of the characters so you don't have toJoss Whedon's Top 10 Writing Tips

'One Ring' Scarf Pattern

The 5 Best (And 1 Worst) Films Of John Carpenter moviesHomemade TARDIS Control Room

Criterion Will Release Haskell Wexler's MEDIUM COOL

R2-D2 Flask

5 Things You Might Not Know About 'Casablanca' On Its 70th AnniversaryInfographic: The 'Life of Pi' ChartThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey10 Essential Scenes It Should Include

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