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Header Photo: Five-person Voltron cosplay is the best Voltron cosplay

'Star Wars 7': Big Expectations Could Mean Big Letdown

8 Hollywood directors from the Roger Corman film school

Vader balloon from Belgium meets Mickey Mouse at balloon festival in Mexico.

The Woman Behind Star Wars: Star Wars has a new Emperor, and her name is Kathleen Kennedy.Movie Remakes That Improve Upon The Original Classics

FREE "Nuclear Family" Ghostbusters vinyl window decal (a $6 value) on any order today on

Who Should Direct the Next Star Wars Movie, According to You

Netflix Is Bluffing And It Will Be Their Downfall

Huey, Dewie, Louie and now... Chewie

Kentucky, Caves, and Kevin Smith: How I Completely Lost my Way as a Writer Until I Went Underground and a Fat Man Saved Me with Some Really Good Advice

Tracie Ching's The Big Lebowski poster

Australia is the perfect host for Star Wars

A high school production of the original musical: "The Shining: The Musical."

Foreign Box Office: 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2' Sags But Still No. 1; $80 Million Shy of Overseas Franchise Record

Today's t-shirt of RIPT Apparel is a Dr Seuss/Doctor Who-inspired design "Doctor Whoville"

12 animated pics are Globe contenders

People React to Red Dawn Remake (sad...)

'Red Dawn' opens to $22 milion after long delay

Game Of Thrones As A Seinfeld SitcomHow Will Larry Hagman's Death Affect TNT's 'Dallas'?

Wilma Flintstone by Serge Birault.

Sesame Street Director Emily Squires dies at 71

Disney's Animatronics Now Play Catch Like the Android Dad You Always Wanted

Deborah Raffin, Actress and Audiobook Entrepreneur, Dies at 59

Handpainted Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Bra

Tyler Labine, John Cho, Paulo Costanzo Find 'That Burning Feeling'Back to the Future: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly t-shirtMatt Groening wins WGA award

Skyfall: Acoustic CoverRobert Zemeckis: Denzel's 'Flight' Character Is an 'Extension' of 'Back to the Future'Breaking Bad Christmas t-shirtJames Corden to Star in 'School For Santas' for Working Title FilmsIndie Trailer Sunday: Teaser for Paul Campion's Horror 'Dark Hollow'20 Actresses You Want Back on TV Right NowThe Birds poster by Ian GlaubingerAdvance Praise for the Book That Disney Doesn't Want You To Read

DJ Leia t-shirt

Matinee-Priced Gifts for Home Theater LoversFirefly by Otis Frampton

CinemaNow adds Ultraviolet support to some of its movies

Hobbit filming locations on Google Maps

Disney CEO Buys $1 Million Worth Of Apple Shares

As Michelangelo's Adam, a Prometheus Engineer sees the weird-ass face of God

Amazon's LoveFilm Adds 2,000 Children's Shows, Including Inspector Gadget, In New DHX (Cookie Jar) Deal

Watch: 1-Hour TV Version Of Spike Lee's Michael Jackson Documentary 'Bad 25'

Columbia Pictures launches Official Site for Zero Dark Thirty

Russian poster for Movie 43.

Space Mountain Worker Injured in Fall at Disneyland

TIE Fighter Cake

A Tale of Two Directors: Alfred Hitchcock, J. Edgar Hoover, And The FBI's Eye On The Master Of SuspenseThe Hobbit: May the Dwarves be with You T-Shirt

Celebs react to death of Larry Hagman on Twitter

Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby

THR remembers The Hollywood Blacklist

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Quentin Tarantino wrote to me when I was 13.Skyfall Reaches $790.1 Million WorldwideHarry Potter Quidditch Necklace

Amazon Instant Video is live on the Nintendo Wii U

Watch: An Hour-Long Conversation with Paul Thomas Anderson About 'The Master'

Kermit The Frog And Cee Lo To Perform Together On The Voice

Rumored Apple Television Set May Have Predictable Holiday 2013 Release Date, Prices Being Guessed At Too

Wreck-It Ralph art by Kiley Beecher

For new 'Star Wars' films, plenty of fodder for the plot

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