'Jurassic World' Will Shoot On Film, Partially In 65mm

Briefly: While the film and television industry has already shifted almost entirely to digital, there are still a few filmmakers holding on to film as a medium for capturing images. Turns out Colin Trevorrow is one of them, and his movie Jurassic World will be shot on film. Even better, some of it will be shot on large 65mm film. John Schwartzman (The Amazing Spider-Man, Armageddon, The Rock) is the cinematographer.

The info comes straight from the director:

This doesn't necessarily mean the film will be released in 70mm; rather, that shots such as plates for effects are likely being shot in 65mm. That was once a fairly common practice, as footage meant to be enhanced by effects could be more useful with the extra detail captured on the larger negative, and retain clarity through the optical processes required to layer in effects. Things are different now thanks to largely digital systems, but some still use larger film to capture footage for effects.