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Header Photo: Paste on Wall Hate Will BringIs Brave Really a Miyazaki Film?

Warner Bros Sued For $80M By J.R.R Tolkien Estate & Publisher

Choose Your Captain t-shirt

5 Hitchcock Films You Should Watch Instead Of Watching HITCHCOCKAre Video Game Movies The New Comic Book Movies?

Suavest Gif Ever?

Put the Special Back in Special Edition and Make the Collector's Edition Worth Collecting6 Happy Movie Endings That Actually Ruin the Hero's Life

Jack and Sally Appear on Art at WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort

Some of the Most Unbelievable Films of Arnold Schwarzenneger, In Order of Implausibility

Today's t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is a Breaking Bad-inspired design "Cooking Disinfectant".

Suggested storylines for Star Wars: Episode VII

The Good, The Bad, and The Shiny t-shirt

A DVD Gift Guide for the Holidays (via)

Vintage photo: The puppeteers and design team from Gremlins

Pedro Almodóvar Wants to Make a '50s-Style Sci-Fi Movie

Walt Disney Imagineers Unveil the Backstory of Barnabas T. Bullion, Founder and President of Big Thunder Mining Company

No Hobbits Were Harmed in the Making of this Movie: 27 Animals Died, Though

Jones' Rare Antiquities t-shirt

Amazon Confirms It's Ended $7.99 Monthly Prime Trial Weeks After Kicking Off Testing

Wampa Ice Scraper for Those Hoth-Like Winters

Damon Lindelof: 5 TEDTalks I Sent to My Friends

This American Life's Live Stage Show 'The Invisible Made Visible' Now Available Online

Blockbuster Video launches an iPad magazine

The Poster for A Haunted House

Amazon Pilots Supernatural Toon Comedy

Photos: A Bartending Demo at 1901, An Exclusive Disneyland LoungeSteven Spielberg To Speak At Gettysburg

Watch: Salvador Dali's Animated Disney Short 'Destino'

Disney Jr's 'Sofia The First' Pulls 5.2 Million

Human Centipede Poodle Skirt

Disney Pulls Plug On Online Movie Service

 Inner-City Wizard School

Weinstein Co. Lands Bill Murray's Next Film, 'St. Vincent De Van Nuys'

Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection book

Guillermo del Toro explains the biggest mistake people make in telling stories for childrenThe Art of the Title sequence of The Andromeda Strain.Peter Pan Will Fly On To Blu-ray For The First Time In FebruaryGallery1988 is holding a Black Friday sale

Universal Eyeing 'Straight Outta Compton'

Female Back tot the Future by Jeff Victor

What The Future of IMAX Looks Like

Freaks and Geeks by miranda dresslerThe Strange Case of Mr. Hyde Headed to the Big Screen

Deadpool and Boba Fett hanging out in Disneyland

ScriptShadow reviews Jon Spaiths' Alien: Engineers, the script which eventually became Prometheus:

After reading "Alien: Engineers," my assessment is that Lindelof's draft(s) did make the script better.  Nothing major was really done.  Lindelof  fleshed stuff out a little more and got rid of an alien subplot that felt half-baked.   But the drafts really weren't that different.  When you get this many drafts into the script, you're never going to see that much of a story transformation.  The quality of the story is likely going to be the same, with just some slight differences in the specifics. I thought this script was decent, but still enjoyed the final draft better.

Samurai Stormtrooper Munny

Support This: A Zombie Documentary from the Makers of 'The People Vs. George Lucas'

PROSPECT, A Conceptual Coming of Age Sci-Fi Film ShortLOOPER Coming To Blu-Ray This DecemberUp CANstructionStar Wars Episode 7: Why Andrew Adamson Should Direct

Remembering Better Times: 10 Pictures That Prove George Lucas Used To Be One Cool Dude

10 Alternate Endings That Improve Movies

'Lord of the Rings' As Done by Ponies

15 Great Musical Moments in Martin Scorsese FilmsWizard of Oz CANstructionKickstart This: Football Doc 'Konkussion Stories' About NFL InjuriesLooper and Scanline VFX BreakdownWas the 'Twilight' Series a Good Thing for the Movies?Brave – First Oscar Ad EmergesRetrospective: The Films Of Ang Lee

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