'RoboCop' Licensing Reel Explains Suit Evolution, Features New Concept Art, Interviews And An Army Of RoboCops

A new four-minute video meant to sell Jose Padilha's remake of RoboCop to licensing and promotions companies might just end up selling you on the film, too. It features a ton of concept art from the film, including huge battles with multiple OmniCorp products and explains how the suit will evolve from the silver one similar to the original film to the black one that's been a hot topic since images of it leaked online some weeks ago.

Check out the video after the jump.

[EDIT: The video has been removed, but we still have a rundown of what it entails below]

Thanks to IMC Licensing (via Comic Book Movie) for the heads up. Beware, there are some spoilers contained here.


We'll attempt to upload some screenshots soon. But, for now, here are some bulletpoints from the video.

  • This is obviously a few months old, as the release date is now February 7, 2014.
  • The shot of Samuel L. Jackson isn't labeled at concept art and, therefore, might be a real shot from the movie.
  • The story is more or less the same, at least at the beginning.
  • In addition to on the street justice, the producer confirms the RoboCop technology will have military applications in the film as well.
  • Those military applications seem to result in massive battle scenes with multiple versions of the robot
  • RoboCop is fast in this film, unlike the original. And he doesn't miss a shot.
  • ED-209 has been upgraded with lots of new technology.
  • At first, RoboCop will have a silver suit that looks similar to the one in the original film. But a version of the black suit we've seen is, in fact, the new RoboCop.
  • RoboCop's gun looks very similar to the original.
  • What else did you pick up in this video? Do you like the silver version better than the black one?