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Header Photo: All Hail Megatron, Transformers Themed Political Yard Sign

The Top 10 Best Alternate movie endings

More studios selling foreign rights to movies

Back to The Future Wedding CakeThe Best and Worst of Every James Bond Movie

Movie Marathon Exceeds 200 Hours

Brad Bird For Star Wars Director6 Reasons Why 2001 Was the Strangest, Ballsiest, Most Subversive Year for Film Comedies in Recent MemoryBest/Worst Moments of Episode VII: And the Winners Are...

Zombie Audrey Hepburn Halloween-Costume

10 Foreign Language Horrors That You Must See

Buzz Lightyear Stormtrooper by Bruno Sousa.

Her Majestee's Secret Service: 10 James Bond T-Shirts

1:850 Scale Star Trek TNG Enterprise D Studio Miniature Replica Is Detailed Enough To Cost $9,995

President Barack Obama describes going to see BLACK ORPHEUS with his mother at age 16

'Lincoln' Election Night Trailer

Be your own Bond: 10 Bond gadgets that have become readily available technology

Female Jack Skellington Cosplay

Wreck It Ralph discount at El Capitan Theatre

Movie 43 Red Band ClipFirst Synopsis for Director Jaume Collet-Serra's NON-STOP Starring Liam Neeson

Big Bird Turns Out to Vote in Texas

Five Favorite Films with Starlet Director Sean BakerJulian's watercolor painting of Cloud Atlas.Jared Leto Joins Matthew McConaughey in HIV Drama THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

Terminator Arm, The Most Advanced Prosthetic To Date13 Famous Movies You Didn't Realise Were Shameless Rip-offs

Today's t-shirt of RIPT Apparel is a Firefly-inspired design "Firefly Parcel Service"

5 Great Election Movies To Get You Through Voting Day

Disney Wars, A Disney & Star Wars Musical Mashup by Eclectic MethodTop 20 Hollywood Reactions To Disney's 'Star Wars' AcquisitionDisney/Star Wars mash-up by James Silvani.7 Great Political Comedies to Help Take The Edge Off Election Day

Video Game Timeline with Jane Lynch

13 Movies on Hot Button Issues: A Last Ditch Voting Guide

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

6 Reasons Dolemite Is The Most Awesomely Bad Movie Ever

R2-D2 Themed Vespa

Profiles in History James Bond Movie Poster Auction

Captain Mal Praises 'Firefly' On 'Castle'

10 Worst Actors To Ever Win An Oscar

The Dark Side's Most Powerful Propaganda T-Shirt

The 5 Best James Bond Action Sequences

The Art of the title sequence from Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

15 Worst Fashion Disasters from James Bond MoviesIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade poster by Daniel Norris10 Best Fight Scenes In Cinema HistoryBlack Swan poster by William Henry5 Sci-Fi Movies That Should Have Had Sequels... But Never Will

Video of the Giant Gollum Sculpture Installed at a New Zealand Airport10 Best Character Actors in Movies Now

Dr Teeth Electric Mayhem T-Shirt

4 Reasons You Should Be Thrilled Disney Bought Star Wars

The Ward Kimball/Ed Wynn homage in WRECK-IT RALPH

Netflix launches "Cool Moustaches" category for Movember

Chewbacca Cake

Top 5 James Bond Girls

Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph projectionist notice10 Unique Horror Film Deaths

Luke Skywalker's Adoption (via)

15 Movies About Moving and Moving On

PsychoHomage to Hitchcock, A Paper Craft Theatrical InstallationThe 10 Creepiest Movie Mini-Monsters (Who Aren't Gremlins)

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