Alex Proyas Set To Direct 'Amped,' From 'Robopocalypse' Author

Briefly: Author Daniel H. Wilson is in a great position: his early books such as How to Survive a Robot Uprising, and How to Build a Robot Army, lead to the novel Robopocalpyse, which was immediately developed as a directorial effort for Steven Spielberg. (It's Spielberg's next film, following Lincoln.)

Now Wilson has another novel winding through development: the thriller Amped is part of a deal with Working Title Films. The company is picking up the project formerly housed at Summit, which originally optioned the novel before its publication. Working title has set Alex Proyas (Dark CityI, Robot; the canned Paradise Lost) to direct.

THR doesn't have any info on the screenwriter for this project. The book is based around conflict between biologically "normal" humans and nanotech-enhanced people. In the near-future world, "technologically enhanced humans are governed by a strict set of conduct laws. Twenty-nine-year-old Owen Gray, a high school teacher at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joins the ranks of a persecuted underclass that is planning to change, or destroy, the world."