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Header Photo: /Film Reader Drew D sends in another unfortunate movie poster display, proving AGAIN that Lincoln can't get a breat.

In Defense Of The MATRIX Sequels

The 30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013Wizard of Oz movie blurb.Spielberg's Triad of Doom – From a Shark's 'Jaws' to 'Jurassic Park'Did You Know 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Is Based on a True Story?

Watch: Tom Hanks Proves 'Cloud Atlas' is Kids' Halloween SensationThe 27 Changes Between 'Cloud Atlas': Book and Movie

'Cloud Atlas' Sharply (and Kind of Weirdly) Divides Critics

Parade Balloon Jabba the Hutt Shirt

5 Actors For Splinter Cell: The Movie5 cryptic movie tattoos translatedFive Favorite Films with Joe Dante

Warhol-Inspired Han Solo Shirt

5 Reasons Why Skyfall Might Be The Best James Bond Film EverHome Alone etch a sketch

The Five Worst SF Show Themes of All Time

Julian's watercolor painting of Flirting With Disaster

Is Disney's Haunted Mansion about suicide?

Zombie Clock

An Analysis of Blaster Fire in Star Wars

True Grits t-shirt

The 10 best Earth in distress moviesMichael Bay's Wizard of Oz4 Things Wrong With Modern Comedy... And How To Fix It

Imperial Metal t-shirt

50 Reasons Why Terminator 2 Is The Greatest Film Of All Time

Geek Fashions By Nerd Alert Designs (via)

10 Things You Didn't Know About JawsVintage photo of Steven Spielberg & John Williams working on the score for Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

10 More Obscure Films You Must See

The Art of Animation & Motion Graphics

Ranking Tom Hardy's 6 Recent Roles

Stained Ash Window t-shirt

Charlize Theron: 7 Roles That Defined The Hollywood BeautyDeleted Moments from the Greatest '80s Movie Montage5 Awesome TV Shows You Might Have Missed

The Settlers Of Middle Earth T-Shirt

The Movies' Most Memorable Character Transformations

Troll Hunter VFX – Shot Breakdowns.Top 5 South Park Episodes of All Time

Group Of 'Star Wars' Fans Building Full-Size Millennium Falcon

Top 10 Comedy Actors From Hollywood

R2-D2 Can Now Play NES Games

7 Film Auditions For Famous Characters You Need to Check Out

Han Solo's Trophy Wall

'Barrymore,' Potential Awards Vehicle for Christopher Plummer, Out in November

First LookZoe Saldana as Nina SimoneWes Bentley Joins Thriller 'Final Girl'Five More Live-Action Winnie The Pooh Shorts – Now With Tigger, Eeyore And Plenty MoreJudd Apatow Cast Graham Parker in 'This is 40' After Reading a 'Funny Blog' Entry by the '70s RockerFirst Look At 'The Hangover' Writers' '21 & Over' Reminds Us Why Hollywood Is Placing A Bet On Miles TellerMira Sorvino To Topline, Jason Ensler To Direct Bruckheimer TV's TNT Pilot 'Trooper'Wreck It Ralph Viral TV Spot – Fix-It Felix Hammer

'Rise of the Guardians 3D' To Close Doha Tribeca Film Festival

The Stunning Concept Art Behind Cloud Atlas' Future Seoul

Boris Kodjoe 'Addicted' to Lionsgate picStar Wars Stormtrooper BBQ Graffiti

ABC Family & WWE Studios Tag Team For Holiday Movie With The Miz

Fox Developing Raunchy Comedy From 'Misery Bear' Duo & Producer Aaron Kaplan

FilmDistrict to Distribute Olympus Has Fallen

A LEGO Hobbit Halloween [Video]

'How I Met Your Mother' Gloriously Reunites 'Buffy' Stars Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green

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