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Header Photo: Throne of Games6 Must See Films of AFI FEST 2012The Psychology Of Darth VaderLincoln CANNOT catch a break.

The Complete 'Wreck-It Ralph' Character Guide

Lena Dunham: My first time was with Barack ObamaCheck This Out: Weta Installs Gigantic Gollum at Wellington AirportThe Myth Of "So Bad It's Good"Your Guide to the Indistinguishable Men of Nashville

Licensed Star Wars Slippers from Bunny Slippers

The 5 most delicious films for food lovers

Jack Skellington Cake

Best Sequel Ever: The Top 5 Best Movie Sequels of All TimeGodzilla 6-Inch PlushThe Six Best Performances From ZombiesBad ass Disney PrincessesThe Cinema Behind Star Wars : Notorious

The Eye of Sauron is Surprisingly Sweet [Dessert Time]

8 Great Horror Games that Should be Movies

Did You 'Wreck-It' at the Disney Parks Blog 'Wreck-It Ralph' Meet-Up?

Former Iranian Hostage: 'Argo' Isn't Entirely Accurate, But So What?

'Walking Dead' Plushies

Science Builds A Tractor Beam. Well, Kinda.

Mandy Moore Visits Rapunzel at Disneyland9 Great Films that Have Multiple Roles by Same Actor

Ultra-Realistic Ripley Bust Sculpture From 'Aliens'

Does 'What About Bob?' Really Play the Unwanted Visitor Angle Better Than 'You, Me and Dupree?'

Slimer Silicone Gelatin Mold

8 Great Sci-Fi Novels That Haven't Been Made Into Terrible Movies (Yet)Why Pixar Movies Are All Secretly About the Apocalypse20 Most Annoying TV Characters Ever

Turkish artwork for Paul Thomas Anderson's THE MASTER

Ferris Bueller's further days off: 14-plus short-lived film-to-TV adaptationsLooper poster by Angry AlanEli Roth Showed 200 Amazonian Villagers Their First Movie29 Business Cards of Famous Fictional Characters

Netflix Says It Now Has 30M Subs Worldwide

Miss Piggy Went to the Market [Comic]

'Hunky Dory' Director to Helm 'Birthright'

Beauty and the Beast Cake's Kindle Fire to Offer Pre-Installed LoveFilm Streaming Service in U.K.

Nothing Says Romance Like The Soft Light From a Death Star Paper Lantern

'The Sitter' Writers Land Clive Owen for 'King of the Castle' Comedy

Pikachu, Doggy-Style [Pet Cosplay]

Legendary Pictures Sues Former Digital Domain CEO Over $3 Million Debt

The Mother of Dragons by Tyler Champion

Sally Field Says Daniel Day Lewis Texted Her In Character during the filming of LincolnNew Pics Of Amber Heard, Kellan Lutz & More In 'Syrup'

Redbox Will Promote UltraViolet In New Disc And Online Deal With Warner Bros

Video: Aardman's New Short Film, A Pig's Tail

Jim Henson Company, Gaiam Vivendi Kick Off Distribution Deal With 'Fraggle Rock' DVDs

Lights, Camera, Infection! Shoot The Undead As You Shoot The Ultimate Zombie Movie In Zombiewood

Sony Sued Over William Faulkner Quote in 'Midnight in Paris'

"The Exorcist" As An '80s Sitcom

Warner Bros Sets 'Getaway' For August 30, 2013

Scott C's Adaptation great showdown

1.3 million Apple TVs sold in Q4, 5 million for 2012 fiscal year

Serious to Goofy, Good to Bad: The Definitive Tom Hanks Matrix

'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2? Tracking Like Monster Hit: Maybe Biggest Of Them All

Ira Glass Shows Teenage Girls How to Make Balloon Animals & Gives Candid Advice in 'Ask a Grown Man'

Paramount, Skydance Close Deal For Tom Cruise-Attached Script 'Our Name Is Adam'

Gallery1988's poster for Jason Reitman's live read of Bull Durham.Taylor Hart lands role on 'House of Lies'

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