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Header Photo: Fantastic Mr. Fox poster by Jayson Weidel

The 10 Best Episodes of the 1980s Twilight Zone TV Series

Denny's hopes to woo geeks with a Hobbit-themed menu, will probably be successful

Allergy To Originality: A New York Times Op-Doc from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

Allergy To Originality: A New York Times Op-Doc

5 Things You Might Not Know About 'Reservoir Dogs' On Its 20th Anniversary7 Unexplained Movie Moments That You'll Only Get If You've Read the Book (Or Seen the Original)Star Wars with Dog gunsDenouncing the Meat Parade: 6 Nominees Who Famously Criticized the Oscars10 Movie Characters You Secretly Wish Your Girlfriend Was LikeFrankenweenie cupcakes

Zombieland: 5 Games for lovers of the living dead

Steampunk Predator Costume Helmet

If TV Show Titles Were Honest

Star Wars Eyewear10 Wibbly Wobbly Ways Doctor Who Plays With Space/Time

Star Wars Choir Sing-AlongTop 5 Film Composers You Should Know About

Chunk & Beans comic: Horror Movie

50 Greatest Movie Scenes Of All Time

The Myths t-shirt

10 Awesome Performances From Usually Terrible ActorsStar Wars Bikinis10 Mind Blowing Pop Culture References in Community

Doctor Who And Dalek Bath Robes

Top 10 On-Screen Performances That Made The Actor's Life Hell

Lloyd Dobler shows up to a Peter Gabriel concert

7 Reasons Why We Miss The West WingHe-Man "Come At Me Bro" t-shirt

Five "Alien" facts to know before you see "Prometheus"

Firefly Drinking Game5 Things You Might Not Know About Joe Dante's 'Gremlins'Monsters, Inc. Birthday Cake10 Actors Whose Careers Have Gone Cartoon

Evil Fake Wine Bottle Labels

Prometheus Explained: Unraveling The Unanswered QuestionsStar Trek Original Series T-Shirt Designs For Every Episode10 Least Walter White-Like Roles in Bryan Cranston's CareerGhostbusters Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man CostumeTop 10 Classic Movies

Cans Reborn As Nerd Sculptures

7 Directors Who Got Their Start in Science Fiction

Bring Part of The TARDIS Into Your Home With These Police Box Signs

Five Reasons To Cherish Whit Stillman

Chewie Reflection t-shirt

The 14 Best Episodes of G.I. Joe: Renegades

My Neighbor Bendoro t-shirt

5 Reasons They Need to Make a Movie About Winston Churchill's MomHunger Games Pumpkin Carving10 Most Memorable Friends Cameos

DisneyWorld's Be Our Guest restaurant – Video Tour of All Three Dining Rooms

The World's End: 10 Reasons to Be ExcitedStar Wars Supreme Edition Stormtrooper Costume10 Running Movies to Ease Those Sore Muscles

Alternative Ending to Predators 212 Awesome Robots From TV History Scott Pilgrim t-shirt by Last Exit to Nowhere10 Most Unintentionally Annoying Characters In Modern FilmFirst Look At James Franco In 'Tar' Premiering At The Rome Film Festival7 Things Movies Try To Convince You Are Normal In Real LifeRead Texts Between Brody and Abu Nazir from Homeland11 Movies That Killed A Franchise

Confused About 'Cloud Atlas'? Here, Watch This

10 Movie Characters You Secretly Wish Your Girlfriend Was Like

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