'Man Of Steel' Concept Toy Commercials Reveals New Details On Zod's Plan

Day after day, fans demand we post more information on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. The simple fact of the matter is, there isn't any. Warner Bros. is keeping the lid super tight on the June 14 release that will mark not only the return of Superman (Henry Cavill), but their first DC Comics film after the end of Christopher Nolan's Batman series. It's an important movie on many levels, and the studio knows it.

That's why all we've seen from the film are two exciting, yet unrevealing teaser trailers and a special look at Comic-Con. We're sure to see more soon but as of now, even the question of who the film's main villain is has yet to be officially acknowledged by the filmmaker or studio (star Michael Shannon has no problem saying he's Zod, though, so it's no secret.)

All that leads to today where we have two concept commercials for new Man of Steel toys. Neither has any new footage and, in fact, they mostly are populated with placeholder footage from 2006's Superman Returns. But this does mark the first time something official has confirmed Zod is the bad guy and, adding to that, it reveals part of his evil scheme. Check them out below.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for these commericals. There are two, one of which has very little in terms of story. The second one, clearly marked, is the Zod spot and contains potential spoilers

Commercial one:

Commercial two. Beware of spoilers.

Obviously toy commercials aren't beholden to the plot of the film. By definition toys can tell whatever story a child's imagination can tell. However, having seen the Comic-Con footage, I'm pretty sure the story told in that second trailer lines up in some ways with the third act of Man of Steel.

What do you think?