'The Amazing Spider-Man' Deleted Scenes Reveal Some Trailer Shots, Not Much More

Much was made over the footage cut from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man. The trailers featured shots that didn't make the finished film, which isn't all that unusual, but those shots were part of a plotline that tied Peter Parker's father to the superhero Peter eventually becomes. That's a relatively new thing for the Spidey mythos that made up "the untold story" promised in the early marketing.

Now there is a good collection of the deleted scenes, included among which is the shot of Irrfan Khan asking Parker "do you have any idea what you really are?" Check out the footage below.

This footage collection features a few scenes, in which Khan's character, Rajit Ratha, discovers some of the secrets of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), Parker tracks Connors, and then a long conversation between Connors and Parker is interrupted.

There's little here that really changes the course of storyline of the film, but that bit from Khan's character at the end does bolster the "untold story" a little bit. But just a bit. I wonder if there's more cut footage that will show up "leaked" as the Blu-ray release date approaches on November 9.