Watch A History Of The Winter Soldier To Prepare For 'Captain America 2'

This summer's announcement that the Captain America sequel had been titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier was met at Hall H with cheers and roars from comic book fans excited to see one of the more memorable Cap stories in recent memory brought to life. For Marvel movie lovers who don't follow the books, however, the reaction was more of a mild confusion. Just who is this "winter soldier" the title refers to? Why does everyone keep bringing up Bucky Barnes? How does Anthony Mackie's Falcon fit in? And what does any of this have to do with Steve Rogers?

A new video making the rounds aims to help out moviegoers who may not be up on recent(ish) developments in Marvel's print universe, explaining everything you'll need to know about the Winter Soldier. Keep in mind that potentially major spoilers abound, though it's always possible directors Joe and Anthony Russo will go in a different direction with their cinematic adaptation. Watch the video after the jump.

Keep in mind that as the video points out, there's a difference between knowing what's happened to the Winter Soldier in the books, and knowing what's in store for him in the next movie. We can count on the basic premise — the presumed-dead Bucky comes back to life as a super assassin — to remain the same, but the filmmakers will no doubt add their own flourishes and twists as they see fit.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is scheduled to open April 4, 2014.