Superhero Bits: The Avengers, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Iron Man 3, X-Men, Stan Lee

Want to see trailers for Avengers: Battle for Earth and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins? How about some behind the scenes images and videos from The Avengers Blu-ray? Who said Iron Man 3 is going to be the best installment yet? Where's the intersection between drinking and Marvel Comics? Want to take a tour of ILM while talking about The Avengers? What kind of craziness happens in a Eighties X-Men coloring book? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Ubisoft released this demo trailer for Avengers: Battle for Earth.Comic Book Movie has been dissecting The Avengers second screen experience from the Blu-ray and found a bunch of concept images of Thanos.Superhero Hype did a huge feature on nine villains would could appear in the Batman reboot.

Here's some more footage taken from The Avengers Blu-ray. CBM has a bunch of cool, new, behind the scenes images featuring Loki too.

Rian Johnson told Vulture he's be open to doing a superhero movie.Reddit (via Nerd Approved) posted this funny Batman graffiti done on a college campus.

Marvel Studios' executive visual effects vice president Victoria Alonso told NBC Latino (via CBM) Iron Man 3 will be the best yet:

This is a franchise I love – it's my baby. It's going to be a better film than the others and I'm working every day to make sure I do right by the fans who are looking forward to seeing it in May 2013.

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Cool video by The Verge visiting ILM and talking special effects in The Avengers.

Film Buff Online did a history of the comic book movie The Mask starring Jim Carrey.IO9 did a detailed breakdown of an X-Men coloring book from 1983 and it's frigging insane.Screenrant posted a good story about the challenges ILM faced with The Avengers, including the look of The Hulk when he was not angry.

These Marvel pilsner and pint glasses are pretty fantastic. Grab them at That's Nerdalicious.

Discover Magazine has an article about some mice that can heal themselves and regenerate their defenses...kind of like Wolverine.Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is now available in the XBox Live Arcade and PSN. Here's a trailer.Media Bistro has the details on a Stan Lee judged caption contest.