An Invitation To Join 'The Dangerous Animals Club'

Those of you who've been listeners/supporters of /Film's podcasts over the past few years have been witness to the creation of an idea, brought all the way to its fruition. From some loosely-formatted podcasts that first hit /Film a few years ago, "The Tobolowsky Files" has gone on to live performances and been picked up by Public Radio International. Today, the latest "chapter" unfolds: The Dangerous Animals Club, a literary adaptation of the first 25-or-so episodes of "The Tobolowsky Files", hits shelves on bookstores all across the country. There's also some new and different material in the book, so longtime listeners should definitely give it a look.

The book is available in hardcover at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and IndieBound, not to mention local bookstores everywhere. You can find an ebook version on Amazon KindleBarnes & Noble Nook, and at the Apple iBookstore (where it is already a Best of the Month pick!). I'd also encourage you to check out the audio book, performed by Stephen, at Audible. Use the referral link I just provided and our podcasts will get a nice boost. Moreover, Stephen's started a blog for the occasion and as always you can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

Those of you who decided to give our quirky show a chance and who've listened to us from the beginning: thanks. It's been amazing to go on this journey with you all.