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Header Photo: Lord of the Rings condom

 7 Keys to Building a Successful Movie Franchise Without Even F*cking TryingPTA Says 'The Master' Title Originally Came from the Internet

All of Empire Strikes Back in one gif (via)

How Sony/MGM Just Let 'RoboCop' Become a Flop Through InactionWhy a Remade 'RoboCop' is the Right CallStar Wars AT-AT Costume For Your Dog20 Plot Twists That Would Have Made Great Movies Even Better

NASA Starts Work on Real Life Star Trek Warp Drive

Official Poster for 'Argo'

During Halloween Horror Nights, the Universal Studios Florida Lagoon will play horrifying tributes complete with choreographed fountains

A roundtable discussion with independent film producers.Christopher Nolan's 'Following' and 'Brazil' Lead Criterion's December ReleasesPoster for the Horror Thriller SmileyWhy Be a Film Critic? Joan Rivers Explains

True Muppet, A Painting of Sesame Street's Count as Bill Compton From True Blood

R.I.P. John Ingle, character actor of General Hospital, The Office, and True StoriesStar Wars Mashup CakeNikki Blonsky Joins 'Smash' in Recurring Role

"The Force Beam," perhaps the very first bootleg Star Wars toy

Laura Prepon joins Netflix series 'Orange'

To Serenity And Beyond t-shirt

Philip Seymour Hoffman is eyeing to direct the Depression Era ghost story EZEKIEL MOSS for Mandalay Pictures.

Artist Builds Impressive He-Man Sculpture From Scratch

FX Sued For Copyright Infringement Over 'The League'

Episode Two of the Inspector Spacetime webseries.

James Cameron, Fox Get 'Avatar' Copyright Suit Dismissed

 LEGO STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES OUT blasts onto Cartoon NetworkRIPT Apparel has this Futurama shirt on sale until the end of the day today.

Warner Bros. Files More Mass Litigation Targeting 'Counterfeit Products' on Amazon

Haunted Mansion Holiday Timelapse VideoChanning Tatum Wants To Direct Something Small Before Taking On 'Magic Mike 2'Back to the Future Mr Fusion Logo Shirt

5 James Cameron Regulars He Needs to Cast in Avatar 2

Lovely Little Mermaid Cake

'Boardwalk Empire's Third-Season Premiere On Par With Season 2 Opener

The Dark Crystal SkekSil The Chamberlain Action FigureFor Sale: Dalek Replicas Made From The Original Molds

Christie's of London is hosting a 50-year charity auction to celebrate the silver anniversary of James Bond.

Rosamund Pike, Sam Neill join 'Long Way Down'

Jack Sparrow Theme Band

Snow White to Celebrate 75th Anniversary with Special Screening in NYC

The New Edition of Cluedo Stars Sherlock

'Downton Abbey' Season 3 Debut Pulls In More Than 8.6M UK Viewers

Creepy: Ewoks Sing "When You're Gone" [Video]The Muppet Institute of Technology that never was, featuring Douglas AdamsLabyrinth By: Jose Jaro

Shazam for TV Now Works With Any Show

Voice Activated Popcorn Cannon Blasts Kernels Directly Into Your Mouth

10 Greatest Dream Sequences on Film

Outdoor TARDIS Shower Invigorates, Regenerates

The 8 creepiest roles of Philip Seymour Hoffman's creepy career.

Ben Folds Five Returns ... With Fraggles

10 Best Moments In STAR TREK History

Scott C's Great Showdowns tribute to Planes, Trains & Automobiles

The Psychotic Cabin in the Woods Monsters You Didn't See in Theaters!

Modeled in Time and Space t-shirt

Michael Clarke Duncan: Remembering His Most Memorable Films

RICKROLLED: 'Mad Men' Cast "Sings" Rick Astley HitThere's Nothing More Important Than The Third ActThe Thing poster by Beware1984

Pinewood Studios Could Double In Size, Looks To Increase TV Production

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