What Building Is Tony Stark Working On At The End Of 'The Avengers?'

Is it possible that even though millions upon millions of eyeballs watched Joss Whedon's massive superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, every one of them missed a clue to its sequels? Spoilers follow for The Avengers but, at the end of the film, with Manhattan completely destroyed, we see Tony Stark and Pepper Potts jokingly working on a building. Then, the final shot of the movie reveals that all the letters of "STARK" fell off Stark Tower save for one: the A. A for Avengers.

If you look at a screen grab from the film, it seems like that's exactly what Tony Stark is building at the end of The Avengers. Not another Stark Tower, but the Avengers Tower. Check it out below.

Thanks to Reddit (where else) via MTV for this image.

Blow it up and – while blurry – you can make out the words "Avenger's Tower." Here's it is.

Do you think that was specifically put in there as an Easter Egg or was it just some text added by a production designer? I tend to think nothing in these Marvel movies is left to chance (Cap's shield in Iron Man 2, etc.) and that in The Avengers 2, we'll see the team regroup in their new headquarters, Avengers Tower.

Could it pop up in Iron Man 3, too? It's possible. In the footage we saw from that film at Comic-Con, we found out Iron Man 3 takes place only one year after the events in The Avengers and Tony Stark is back living at his house in Malibu. However, something happens there over the course of the film (it was in the extended trailer but I won't elaborate) that might force a relocation. So while the timing might not work out, maybe logistics force his hand.

What do you think of this screengrab?