'Wreck-It Ralph' Theatrical Trailer: New Footage, New Jokes, More Awesome

Wreck-It Ralph, Disney's video game inspired movie out on November 2, has already generated a lot of excitement. The story of a bad guy (John C. Reilly) who hops between games hoping to become a hero has continued to look cooler and cooler with every single image we've seen or piece of information we've learned. Disney has just released the theatrical trailer for the film and it's so chock full of things to get you even more jazzed for the movie, you'll probably have to press reset and watch it a few times before you come to grips with it. Check it out below.

Thanks to Yahoo Movies for the trailer. Later today, we'll have an exclusive interview with Rich Moore, the director of Wreck-It Ralph, so check back for that.

I mean, that's fantastic right? You get your first look at how the characters in the Fix-It Felix Jr. game walk around; see the Cy-Bugs in Hero's Duty; and finally hear Alan Tudyk's character. We even get a glimpse at how the characters travel between games in the arcade.

What I love most about the trailer though is how you see what seems to be seamless integration of inside video game references and a heartfelt storytelling. Even the cast list at the end was, of course, a player select. If you get it, you love it. If you don't get it, it doesn't matter. That's the one danger I forsee with Wreck-It Ralph. Families are surely going to love it. It's Disney, of course. But there's definitely the danger of video game fans (myself included) talking it up a bit too much because of all the inside references.

What do you think of the trailer?