Nope, There Won't Be An Extended Cut Of 'The Dark Knight Rises' On Blu-Ray And DVD

We're so surprised to learn that the director who doesn't do directors or extended cuts is continuing to not do directors or extended cuts for the disc release of his latest film. While rumors recently flew that Christopher Nolan would reinstate up to 30 minutes to the home release of The Dark Knight Rises, turns out they're just not true. The 165-minute version of the film that was in theaters is the version of the film, whether it was exactly what Nolan wanted, or if he cut scenes to fit IMAX running times, or any other reason.

Nuke the Fridge reported that an extended cut of TDKR would hit Blu and DVD, based in part on revelations from the film's costume designer that scenes of Bane's origin were filmed and cut.

But The Playlist talked to people in the Nolan camp who say that no extended cut exists or is planned for creation or release. As the site notes, Nolan tries to prune before shooting whenever possible, to save time, money and effort, but even when things do get cut, they don't always end up on disc later.

And while I'm sure there will be some fans who point to other backtracked insistences from Nolan — such as that he wouldn't alter the sound mix of TDKR, despite the obvious evidence that extensive alterations were made before the theatrical release — everything in the way Nolan has worked in the past supports the idea that the disc release of this film will feature the theatrical version, with possibly some deleted scenes presented to the side. But an extended edition? Nope, not this time.