LOL: Bad Lip Reading's Version Of 'Twilight' Improves On The Dialogue

Those in the anti-Twilight camp can come up with a million and one reasons to hate the series in about five sconds, but even those who don't out-and-out loathe it have to groan at some of the franchise's more painfully overwritten dialogue. I remember going to see the first film with a friend who lived for girly, romantic movies, and even she couldn't help but laugh at Robert Pattinson's mortified reading of "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

So maybe it's for the best that the first installment of the series has now received the Bad Lip Reading treatment. No more Bella chewing her lip and sighing about how gosh-darned pretty Edward is. Now their stilted flirtations have been turned into gibberish like "You slapped a fish. You punched it" and "That cake's my most bestest creation. Why'd you eat it?" I'm not saying the new dialogue is any smarter (it most definitely is not), but it is about a hundred times funnier. Watch the brilliantly stupid video after the jump.

[via Screen Crush]

The team more often targets politicians and pop stars, but apparently they've now moved on to movies. Jeff Who Lives at Home got some new lines as well, back in July, but Twilight works so much better because the original movie takes itself so seriously. Head to their YouTube page to see more videos.

The non-Bad Lip Reading version of Bella and Edward conclude their poorly written romance this fall with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II, which opens November 16.