'Taken 2' Internet Trailer: So Much Killing To Be Done

Liam Neeson introduces a new internet-only trailer for Taken 2, the film that features the continuing exploits of Neeson's former black-ops character, whose family is once again the target of foreign tough guys who have a preoccupation with violence. And the trailer really pushes the idea that these movies are exploiting our human trend towards creating endless cycles of violence — you hurt my people, so I hurt yours, and you hurt mine again, and it never, ever ends.

From a movie producer's standpoint, that's a great thing — endless sequel possibilities! — but how will that play out in the film, when we as an audience want to watch some cheap, bone-cracking thrills? The thrills here look pretty good, too, but in the end will we all feel like we're a part of that cycle of violence? Probably not, but follow Liam Neeson's instructions and watch this trailer to begin the process of finding out.

And if you want to see a bit more, there's a chunk of Taken 2 that shows Neeson doing a bit of quick training for his daughter after he's been captured. To see that, click the video above to open the host YouTube page, and the scene will load after the trailer plays.

Taken 2 opens on October 5.