TV Bits: 'Arrested Development', 'American Horror Story', 'Once Upon A Time', 'Hannibal', 'The Farm', 'Revolution', 'Bates Motel', 'Jersey Shore', Robin Williams

Fall doesn't technically start for another three weeks, but we all know Labor Day is the unofficial turn of the season. In this very late summer edition of TV Bits:

  • MTV announces Jersey Shore will end after Season 6
  • Robin Williams could return to TV with David E. Kelley
  • Jorge Garcia lands a guest spot on Once Upon a Time
  • Yes, Judy Greer will return to Arrested Development
  • And yes, Mike Schur's Mose will appear on The Farm
  • NBC has a sneak peak tour planned for Revolution
  • New details emerge on Psycho prequel Bates Motel
  • See stars hanging out on the set of NBC's Hannibal
  • Alan Ball's Cinemax series Banshee gets a teaser
  • American Horror Story teaser finally shows the cast
  • Robin Williams is eyeing a return to primetime, with his first regular series gig since Mork & Mindy went off the air in 1982. CBS has just entered talks to pick up a new single-camera workplace comedy by David E. Kelley, which would star Williams as a talented ad exec working at an agency with his daughter.

    Williams still finds plenty of big screen work — he has The Big Wedding, Look of Love, and The Butler due out within the next year or two — but he's recently made a couple of forays into TV as well, guest-starring on Louie and Wilfred. [Deadline]

    Former Lost producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have plucked another one from the island for their ABC fantasy Once Upon a Time. Jorge Garcia is set to appear in a Season 2 episode as a character called "the Giant," joining fellow Lost alums Alan Dale (King George) and Emilie de Ravin (Belle). Once Upon a Time returns September 30. [EW]

    I don't think this bit of casting is at all surprising, but confirmation comes as welcome news all the same. Judy Greer will make an appearance on the fourth season of Arrested Development, reprising her role as unstable assistant/mistress Kitty Sanchez. Say hello to these!

    The news comes via Greer's Twitter, on which she shared a photo of the door to her trailer. Shooting on the new batch of episodes is currently underway, with all ten (or so) episodes expected to hit simultaneously in Spring 2013. [via Screen Crush]

    The Office spin-off The Farm is getting ready to introduce us to a whole new crop of Schrutes, including Dwight's brother (Thomas Middleditch), sister (Majandra Delfino), nephew (Blake Garrett), cousin (Matt Jones), and crazy uncle (Tom Bower). But a more familiar face is set to make a return as well.Parks & Recreation co-creator Mike Schur is set to reprise his role as Dwight's weirdo cousin Mose, though likely not on a regular basis. Schur says he'd just as soon see the character killed off in the pilot. "That would be the best case scenario, I think," he said. "If Mose was in a horrible tractor accident, and he was chopped up into little pieces so that there was no way he could come back... I'd be really psyched."

    Schur then added that his desire to see Mose dead simply had to do with his not knowing how to act. But also, the guy's probably busy enough as it is between showrunning Parks & Rec and setting up his new Fox series. [TV Line]

    In an effort to drum up publicity for the new J.J. Abrams-produced series Revolution, NBC is offering advance screenings of the pilot episode in eleven cities across the U.S. next week. And if you happen to be in New York, the Peacock's got something extra-special planned for you:

    At the New York event (September 4 at 7:30pm at Hudson River Park's Pier 57), all power will be manually generated by 80 power pedalers, including series star Tim Guinee ("Iron Man"). Prior to the event, members of the public are invited to join the "power pedaler" team on-site to help power up the screening. Guests are encouraged to bike or walk to the screening and bike valet will be provided.

    The unusual method of generation ties into the series' premise, a world in which a mysterious event has caused electricity to simply stop working. Hit up TV Overmind or Facebook for more details. Revolution will make its on-air debut September 17 at 10 PM.

    Early this year, A&E revealed their plans to explore Norman Bates' early years with the series Bates Motel, and now details are emerging on how, exactly, they'll do that. Shock Till You Drop got their hands on a May 2012 draft of the script, which reveals quite a few details.

    For starters, although the show is sort of a prequel to the 1960 film Psycho, it's actually set in the modern day. So naturally, that means one of Norman's early steps toward sexual sadism apparently comes from a manga comic featuring "young, Asian girls in various states of sexual slavery." Head to STYD for much more, including details on new characters. Be warned that spoilers follow — but then again, it's not like we don't already know how this all ends.

    And while we're on the topic of famous cinematic killers in their early years: Shooting is underway on NBC's Thomas Harris prequel series Hannibal, which centers around young FBI profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and psychologist Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). Creator Bryan Fuller has just shared a few photos from the set, which you can see in the gallery below.

    The first snap shows Dancy, star Laurence Fishburne as FBI boss Jack Crawford, and director David Slade, while the second is of Scott Thompson as FBI agent Jimmy Price. Last but not least is a photo of Hannibal the Cannibal himself, along with Dancy and Slade. Hannibal will hit NBC sometime in midseason. [via Cinema Blend]

    After two big HBO hits, Alan Ball is heading to HBO's somewhat sleazier sister Cinemax for his next sex-and-action-fueled extravaganza. The first teaser has dropped for Banshee, which revolves around an ex-con who poses as a small-town sheriff in order to hide from his enemies. It appears he's not the only shady character in town, though. As one character sighs, "God, how can one town have so many scumbags?"

    Cinemax hasn't announced a date for Banshee, but look for it to hit sometime in 2013. [via Cinema Blend]

    The latest American Horror Story: Asylum teaser is almost as cryptic as all the previous ones, but with one big difference: It actually features the major characters, instead of just weird white-faced nuns. Get a look at Jessica Lange, Joseph Fiennes, Adam Levine, Chloë Sevigny, Zachary Quinto, Joseph Fiennes, James Cromwell, and many more below.

    True, it's not actual footage from the series, but at least we're getting closer. The second season of American Horror Story premieres October 17. [via Screen Rant]