VOTD: 'Back To The Future' Invades 'Grand Theft Auto'

Marty McFly hops in his Delorean, shoots up a bunch of people, maybe robs a bank and sets off down the street. The cops are on his tail. He drops his foot on the accelerator, gets up to 88 mph and jumps through time. See ya later coppers.

That's obviously not a plot from any kind of officially licensed Back to the Future story, just a possible reality in this insane custom modification of Grand Theft Auto IV for PC. Modder SeedyROM went into the game and not only perfectly recreated the Delorean, he gave it the ability to travel back in time based on time circuits and the possession of plutonium. It's a sight to be seen. Check out the video below.

Thanks to Game Informer for the heads up. Learn more below the video.

If you head to SeedyROM's YouTube page for this video, he instantly bursts our bubble:

There is no single "Download Link" for this mod. It's a HEAVILY CUSTOMIZED PC project from a die-hard BTTF and GTA fan. It took me months to tweak everything and finally get it working right but I couldn't have done it without the help of some truly great mod makers (credits/links below). Please don't just start modifying your game without researching and backing things up first. You WILL break it.

However, if you're up to the task, he lists a bunch of the skins and files he had to modify and install on that same page.

I know it's way too much to ask, but I was kind of hoping that when it travelled through time, you'd go to that alternate reality instead of staying in the present. Maybe some game developer at Telltale, that has the official Back to the Future license, will see this and get to work on a third person, open world Back to the Future game.