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Header Photo: One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor

Mahalo, Mofos!: The 'Battleship' Drinking Game

'Green Mile' Director Frank Darabont Remembers Michael Clarke Duncan

Hogwarts Honor Student Car Decal

The 25 Worst Opening Weekends of All TimeUp/Birds double feature poster by Derek Chatwood (via)Why the "Married Life Montage" in Pixar's "Up" Makes People CrySwitched On: The Old Adventures of New 3DCraig Mahoney's painting "Who Ya Gonna Call When You've Got Red On Your Boomstick?"

Hollywood can't figure out Ghostbusters 3, so a fan decided to write an outline for the movie himself, supposedly addressing many of the rumored issues.

The poster for Butter

Should Movie Theaters Charge Less For Flops?What if Hermione, Katniss, Michonne and Buffy lived together? Presenting BAMF Girls ClubHarry Potter: The Exhibition Returns To New York's Discovery Times Square This Holiday Season

See Sixteen Pee-wee's Playhouse Character Sketches From the New Movie Beauty Is Embarrassing

James Bond Documentary Everything or Nothing Coming Oct. 5

Darth Vader cake

The 10 Best 90's Soundtrack Songs

Watch The Newsroom's Characters React to Other Movie Freak-outsJurassic Park in real life? Scientists discover 230-million-year-old bugs preserved in amberEmma Stone Pays Tribute To BLADE RUNNER In Photo-Shoot

'Gangster Squad' adds to L.A.'s Chinatown credits

Final Draft Writer comes to the iPad

TiVo Stream DVR-to-iOS transcoder box pops up for $129 pre-orders early

My 5 Favorite Star Wars Custom Helmets For The Make-A-Wish Auction15 Really Strange Movie CreditsLooper poster by Beware19843 Insane True Stories Behind 3 Cursed MoviesThe Goonies SweaterTop 9 Actors Who Hate Why They're FamousDoctor Who TARDIS Shaped Journal5 Ways You Don't Realize Movies Are Controlling Your Brain

Oldschool Optimus Prime Tractor Trailer Imagined In Real Life

During Star Wars Celebration VI, Star Wars fan Jason proposed to his girlfriend Mary in front of a life-size replica Rancor.

6 Groundbreaking Films That Redefined Their GenresCartoon-style Aliens poster.Where Are The Great British Sports Movies?

Suck On a Vader Ice Pop

The Essentials: 5 John Schlesinger Films You Can't Miss

Les Wizardables t-shirt

The Best Comedy Ensembles of the 2000s

Trailers From Hell: Josh Olson on THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY

15 Film Festival Darlings That Would Have Been Better as TV SeriesRoboCop Battle Damaged Action Figure5 Reasons You Should Watch International CinemaDoctor Who mural found in Williamsburg.

Summer box office down 3% from last year's mark, despite hits

Finding the Perfect Prop for Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure Park: Part Two

Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies at the 2012 Toronto Film FestivalAmerican Psycho Cupcakes

Box Office Report: 'Possession' Overperforms, Eyes $21.3 Mil Labor Day Debut

Lord Voldemort Tries Alternate Anagrams

Wired Magazine Explores Disney's Latest Technology

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite, Turned Into a USB Hub

Amazon's Big Hollywood Announcement: All About UltraViolet?

A Ton Of Concept Art From Sylvester Stallone's JUDGE DREDD Surfaces

HBO Go 1.71 update adds support for Jelly Bean devices

Teen Wolf gets InceptedGerard Butler Drama 'Motor City' Stalls Before Reaching Start Line: Crew Sent HomeBack to the Future Hill Valley 2015 t-shirt7 Films to Help You Work Through Labor Day

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