Is Sony Planning A Movie About The Video Game Console Wars?

There's a war being fought, which has been going on for years. This isn't some political thing that involves the lives of young men and the conflicting politics and ideologies that devour them. This one is important. It is the console war, that advertising-driven competition between companies such as Sony, maker of the PlayStation line of video game consoles, and Microsoft, maker of the Xbox line.

The console wars have raged for decades, with different primary sides. Once the key factions were Sega and Nintendo; now the latter has mostly opted out of the battle, choosing instead to play its own game, while Sega has been relegated to a software label and Sony and Microsoft duke it out.

Though many of the key players involved from both companies are not household names, there might be a good business story here. Perhaps even one that could become a film. And so it isn't too surprising to see Sony registering domain names that suggest the company wants to tell its side of the story.

Fusible, via Joystiq, reports that Sony has registered a set of domain names suggesting that the company is planning a film based on the business battle between rival game technologies. A Social Network of video games, if you will. Of course, this could be (a) some other idea that uses the phrase "console wars" as a name, or it could just be a preventative measure of some sort. But domain registrations have pointed us to new projects in the past, and so we'll see what happens here.Update: Kris Tapley of In Contention says he's heard about this project, and that "a Social Network of video games" is exactly how it was described.

Of course, if Sony does produce and/or distribute a film about the "console wars," that is focused on gaming technology, we don't expect it to be particularly, er, fair and balanced.

The domains include the following: