'The Girl' Teaser: Toby Jones May Convince As Alfred Hitchcock

Well, it's a short tease, but here's our first look at footage from The Girl, which is the first of two films dramatizing the career of Alfred Hitchcock. This one features Toby Jones as Hitch and Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren, the model he chose to be the "new Grace Kelly," beginning with her debut role in The Birds.

As we've seen images of Jones in this movie and Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock, the big question has been how both actors will do with Hitch's voice and mannerisms. In the case of The Girl, this teaser suggests that Jones is doing a damn fine job. And there's a great feeling to some of what we see here, to boot. Check out the footage below.

The recreation of footage from The Birds looks great — something I'm sure great pains were taken to ensure, as it's a very easy point of scrutiny — but the music and editing here promise just the sort of romantic thriller at which Hitchcock excelled. There's a degree to which Hitchcock treated Hedren a bit like Jimmy Stewart did Kim Novak in Vertigo, and I get the impression that we're not exactly going to love Hitchcock when this one is said and done.

Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane, Red Riding: 1974) directed.  The Girl premieres on HBO on Saturday, October 20th at 9PM