Cool Stuff: Jock's Poster For 'The Raid'

Really, there's not a better pairing of artist and movie than Jock and The Raid. Jock, the comic book artist who helped define Judge Dredd and create The Losers, is well-known for his hyper-realisitc, action-packed style. Then there's The Raid: Redemption, a critically acclaimed Indonesian action film by Gareth EvansĀ (on Blu-ray Tuesday) that's also hyper-realistic and action-packed. So it makes perfect sense that Mondo would commission Jock, who recently made a Dark Knight Rises poster for them, to tackle The Raid: Redemption. The result is a, literal, towering achievement. Check it out below.

Thanks to MTV Movies for the info.

The 20 x 36 inch screenprint has a small edition of 275 and will cost $45. It goes on sale Thursday at a random time by following @MondoNews. I'd be willing to bet, once you see this one in person, it'll below you away.