Cool Stuff: Mondo's Posters For 'ParaNorman'

ParaNorman is stop-motion animated zombie horror movie for families. Can you imagine a subject more ripe for different artistic interpretations? It makes perfect sense, then, that the team at Laika, who also did Coraline, would team up with Mondo to do a series of posters for their highly-buzzed about film, which opens August 17. After the jump, check out six different Mondo posters for ParaNorman.

Mouse over each for the artist name.

The first five, by Glen Brogan, Dave Perillo, Graham Erwin, Drew Millard and Little Friends of Printmaking, are being used as outdoor advertising. They will not be available in any other way than that.

The final one, by Tom Whalen, will be on sale next week. Find out more at @MondoNews.

I'm a huge fan of these posters – they're gorgeous – and the movie is gorgeous too. However, I find myself in the odd position of being in the very, very small minority of people who didn't love ParaNorman. Tweets from all my colleagues have been beyond stellar, calling it one of the best films of the year, and I feel like we saw different movies. Visually and technically, ParaNorman takes stop-motion animation to new heights. But storywise, I was incredibly bored. I won't get into spoilers but I just felt the threat wasn't as threatening as you'd expect and that sort of cast a cloud over everything happening. But hey, I'm just one person. Odds are most of you are going to love this film and you can tell by the posters that artists are obviously being inspired by it.

Are you excited for ParaNorman? Which of these posters is your favorite?

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