VOTD: Andy And Lana Wachowski Discuss Editing And Performance

There are some great outtake clips online this week from Keanu Reeves' documentary Side by Side, which looks at the division between shooting film and digital. The outtakes go a little further afield from that topic, however, and one of the best is an interview with Andy and Lana Wachowski — and primarily with Lana — talking about how "performance" is created in the editing room.

This is a good little primer on one aspect of filmmaking that may people easily overlook, and worth watching for that reason alone. Wachowski fans will also be interested to see this as it is one of the very few video interviews with the directors. They seem to be more willing to talk to the camera lately; we've had two videos with them in the past month, which is more than in the previous decade. By the time their new film Cloud Atlas hits (co-written and co-directed with Tom Tykwer) they'll be hosting their own reality show. I'd watch that.

Every day this month, other important cinema creators will be featured in clips like the above, which Tribeca Film is archiving here.

Side by Side is available on VOD August 22. The film will also open in select cities theatrically, beginning August 17.

Here are more outtakes, which should be all you need to get interested in the doc. If this is what was cut out, I can't wait to see the film.