Joe Carnahan May Direct 'Daredevil;' Marvel Considering Allowing Fox More Reboot Time In Exchange For Galactus

Big news on the Daredevil front today: The Grey and The A-Team director Joe Carnahan is looking like the next guy in line to direct the reboot of the red-costumed blind Marvel vigilante hero. But that's just the beginning, and the news that Fox is likely to move forward with Daredevil has a few more interesting facets.

Last we heard, the next Daredevil film had to be in production by this fall if Fox wanted the keep the rights to the character. (By October 10, to be exact.) But now there's word that Marvel is willing to give Fox more time with his new Daredevil movie. In exchange, however, Fox would have to turn over rights to some characters from the Fantastic Four universe. Namely one of Marvel's perpetual Big Bads, maybe the Biggest Bad: Galactus.

Variety reports that Joe Carnahan is in talks to direct the "Frank Miller-esque, hardcore '70s thriller" script that is meant to reboot Daredevil. Never mind that some of the last word we heard on that script was that it was great, but a fairly unlikely thing for Fox to green light, precisely because of that '70s thriller tone. So we might yet hear about a rewrite on that front. Fingers crossed that Joe Carnahan talks Fox into shooting it.

The better news is that this deal may result in Marvel having cinematic rights to Galactus and the Silver Surfer. That could really change the studio's options when it comes to making the Guardians of the Galaxy and next Avengers films. While we've presumed that Thanos, glimpsed at the end of The Avengers, would be the villain in one or both of those movies, having the world-devouring Galactus on hand would be a big deal (ahem) for Marvel, and a great thing for fans.

We don't have word on how the character swap might affect the planned Fantastic Four reboot that Fox is also cooking, with director Josh Trank and screenwriter Jeremy Slater.