VOTD: Pixar Fan Builds Real Life WALL-E Robot

Going by Pixar's timeline, we've got about 800 years until WALL-E is a reality. Thanks to California resident Mike Senna, we're a tad ahead of schedule. Senna spent the last two years building a life size, working WALL-E that has to be seen to be believed. Since actual materials, decals and parts from WALL-E don't exist, he was forced to build the entire thing from scratch and the results would likely make everyone from John Lasseter to Andrew Stanton proud. Check out the video and more after the jump.

Thanks to Big Screen Toons for the heads up for this video from Yahoo.

Senna, a resident of Orange County CA, primarily works as a computer programmer but, in 2003, he began designing a real-life R2-D2. He completed that and takes it out for appearances with kids, television, you name it. After seeing Pixar's film, he decided to try and make WALL-E, which took him about two years working about 25 hours a week, after his day job.

Honestly though, when WALL-E waves in the video, what the heck was up with the thumb? There was no movement and it just sort of hung there. And was WALL-E really that big? Ugh. Terrible.

Yes, I'm obviously 100% kidding, this thing is freaking amazing.

To read more about it, head to Senna's Blogspot which details the entire process from inception.