'Raging Bull II' Changes Title To 'The Bronx Bull; Will Disassociate Itself From Original

When it was revealed a movie called Raging Bull II was actually being made, most of us were just waiting for the lawsuit to happen. Then it did. The producers and owners of Martin Scorsese's 1980 masterpiece Raging Bull sued the Martin Guigui-directed, William Forsythe-starring picture, which was endorsed by the film's subject, boxer Jake LaMotta, and virtually no one else. The lawsuit ordered them to put a halt to production and never release any of the footage.

Now MGM, which owns the original film, has agreed to drop the lawsuit on the grounds that the film no longer be called Raging Bull II and that the film completely disassociates itself from the Scorsese picture. The new title is The Bronx Bull, and though it's still the story of Jake LaMotta after the events in Raging Bull, it will not play up that angle. Read more after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter says that in 1976 LaMotta, who is now 90, signed his life rights to United Artists (which is now owned by MGM) which means he could make another movie based on his life, but they would have veto power over it. And that veto is exactly what happened. But now that's over thanks to the concessions made. MGM released the following statement:

The parties have amicably reached a resolution of their pending litigation, pursuant to which production of a film based upon certain events in the life of Jake LaMotta will proceed under the working titleĀ The Bronx Bull. That film is not related in any way to the 1980 motion picture entitledĀ Raging Bull, and MGM is not associated with the film in any respect. Neither party will have any further statements regarding this matter.

It's safe to assume 99.9% of people aware of Scorsese's Raging Bull would think you're joking with them if you said a sequel was being made. So, when The Bronx Bull is released, there's a possibility they won't put two and two together. That's MGM's bet, at least, and it's probably a good one. They nipped this in the bud early enough to not let it get out there. Do you agree?