'Rush Hour 4' In Development, Says Producer

If you didn't much like the third Rush Hour film, you weren't the only one. One producer who worked on the three films, Arthur Sarkissian, thought the last installment went a little too over the top, and wants to bring things back down to earth for a fourth film.

And, yes, he does want to make another movie, to continue the series that began in 1998. This time, though, he wants something "more gritty."

Crave Online talked to producer Arthur Sarkissian, who said,

I am working on Rush Hour 4 right now with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. I'm trying to do it closer to how I did Rush Hour 1, more down to earth, more gritty, introduce two new characters and make it real the way the first one was. I personally was not happy with the third one. I thought 1 and 2 were very good. I think 3 got out of hand a little bit. It's not a matter of just bringing them back to do another segment of that or a sequel to it by putting them in another city and having them bicker. I don't want that. I want something new.

So the something new would be a couple of young actors who might be able to turn out new installments of the series on a schedule that involves intervals shorter than five years.  The producer says that Tucker and Chan are "interested" in returning, though that could mean just about anything. Jackie Chan has started to move away from the action films that he is known for, so if he does participate, it might not be with the gusto seen in the existing Rush Hour films.

At this point there's no script, and no writer even hired, so this isn't something we're likely to see soon. (That means that by the time Rush Hour 4 hits, if it does hit, we'll be on the way to the 2-year anniversary of the first film.)