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Header Photo: Breaking Bad LEGO set.

A look at Quentin Tarantino's Casino Royale

Jay Leno Makes People Sad in Movies

The 25 Worst Meals in Movie History

Reverse Breaking Bad: The story of a drug lord struggling to become a high school chemistry teacher.

Mira Nair's 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' To Open Venice Film Festival

Watch some making of B-roll footage from The Watch.

Screenwriter Who Partied With John Belushi Before Fatal Overdose Dies At 73

Stylized Game of Thrones maps make Westeros and Essos look like pleasant places to vacation

Frank Pierson, Former Movie Academy President, Writer and Director, Dies at 87

Martin Ansin will sell artist copies of his Brazil Poster

Kellan Lutz and Camilla Belle Boarding Indie 'All You Need is Love?'

Rare Pixar Image Computer Surfaces On eBay With $25,000 Price Tag

Television's 10 Most Menacing Bald Heads

Heisenberg Blue Glass Rock Candy, Inspired by Breaking Bad

Tom Cruise Moves On To London For 'All You Need Is Kill'

Watch Bryan Cranston's First Appearance on TV

'Friday the 13th' Writer Moving to Young-Adult Books With 'Finders & Keepers'

Photos From Ana Piterbarg's 'Everyone Has A Plan' Starring Viggo Mortensen As Twins

Warner Bros: Please Don't Edit GANGSTER SQUAD

Photos Of Shia LaBeouf, Brit Marling & Robert Redford In 'The Company You Keep'

Pixar Sequels and Why Fans Need to Calm Down

Pixar's rules of storytelling in LEGO

More than 50 lots of some of the rarest posters from the original Star Wars movie and its first two sequels are being offered at Heritage Auctions' July 25 and 26 Vintage Movie Posters Signature® Auction.

Seinfeld poster by William Henry

Top 10 Places Muppets Have Appeared

DeathstaR2-D2, Star Wars' R2-D2 as The Death Star

Top 15 Minor Characters We Fell In Love With

The Godfather of Danger t-shirt.

4 IMDb Pages for Upcoming Movies We Already Hate

Billy Mitchell's portrait from Bruce White's "Velvet Paintings For Your Inner Nerd" art show

4 Scenes We Love from the Non-Batman Films of Christopher Nolan

Master of Suspense t-shirt at Last Exit to Nowhere

The 10 Most Irrationally Evil Fictional Corporations

Indiana Jones Theme A Capella Version

10 Things You Didn't Know About RoboCop

R2-D2 Fire Hydrant

10 Movies That Had the Extreme Misfortune To Open The Same Weekend As A Mega-Blockbuster

Chewbacca armpit tattoo.

5 Famously Terrible Movies (That Actually Don't Suck)

Doc Brown's portrait from Bruce White's "Velvet Paintings For Your Inner Nerd" art show

Sofia Vergara is TV's highest paid woman.

Featurette on the Action in Total Recall

Comic-Con 'Hobbit' press conference transcript

Star Wars: The Old Republic Cosplay

The Ten Sweetest Moments Of Comic-Con 2012