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Where did the words from the Man of Steel teaser trailer come from? How is Warner Bros. changing the marketing of The Dark Knight Rises? Want to see a Nightwing fan film? What kind of work went into the final celebration in The Avengers? Which Canadian superhero might get his own movie? And want to see more funny videos themed around The Dark Knight Rises? Would Anne Hathaway do a Catwoman spin-off movie? Read about all of this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Did the monologue in the Man of Steel trailer sound familiar? It was influenced by Grant Morrison's All Star Superman says Bleeding Cool.

Variety has an interesting article about how Warner Bros. is changing the marketing of The Dark Knight Rises in response to the Colorado tragedy.

/Film reader Danny S made this Nightwing fan film in honor of The Dark Knight Rises.

The company, Logan, was tasked with doing the big celebration montage in The Avengers and they now have posted a bunch of images and info on the very quick part of the film. (That's another at the very top of this article). Head to Comic Book Movie for even more.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Anne Hathaway said it would be "lovely" to spin-off Catwoman, if it was done with the right people.

Great research put into this Batman by the Numbers piece at Collider.

Put yourself in The Amazing Spider-Man with this new official app.

Batman believes in gun control, says Wired.

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These Dark Knight Rises Lego minifigs will be available next year. Very cool. Thanks to Nerd Approved.

I watched two second of this and fell in love. Overthinking It wrote a song called Remember Bane, set to Guns N Roses' November Rain.

Blastr has a list of twelve actors who almost played Batman, including Bill Murray.

If you saw the above ads on Cartoon Network and wanted to see more, IO9 reports the New Teen Titans will get a spinoff TV show called Teen Titans Go!

Super Punch found a really funny Dark Knight Rises Twitter feed: @BaneCapital.

College Humor has another Batman video, this one featuring Two Face. NSFW language.

People following the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer for The Dark Knight Rises might be curious how the other Batman films fared critically.

Phroilan Gardner's Thor (via Cool Vibe) is pretty stunning.The Vancouver Sun (via Cinema Blend) says a Captain Canuck movie is in development.

Due to the amount of graphics and images included in Superhero Bits, we have to split this post over THREE pages. Click the link above to continue to the third page of Superhero Bits.

The Chuckle Squad presents The Avengers in Compton via Unique Daily.

We've run a bunch of these but Blastr has 27 Dark Knight Rises posters better than the official Warner Bros. ones.

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Christian Bale talks to MTV about the first time he read the script to The Dark Knight Rises.Next Movie reports that the Wayne Manor would cost over $32 million.Sitting Too Close did this great Dark Knight Rises drawing.Bane's speech done in an impression of Mark Hamill's The Joker. Interesting juxtaposition.Comic Book Movie has a big gallery of HD screen grabs from the Man of Steel teaser trailer.Superhero Hype posted this trailer for a Justice League mobile game.