'Thor: The Dark World' Villains May Have Been Revealed

With Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World set to shoot next month, we're soon going to learn a few things about the plot and characters of the film beyond the basic returning characters such as Chris Hemsworth's title Norse god.

One open question so far has been the identity of Thor's foes in the film. We know that Tom Hiddleston is likely to show up as Loki, and that Mads Mikkelsen was briefly set to play another bad guy in the movie. While Mikkelsen had to drop out due to schedule conflicts with the TV show Hannibal, that role hasn't gone away. So who will Thor hammer this time? The answer is potentially revealed below.

The site IReviewToo (via ComingSoon spoke to a stunt man working on the film, who said,

The other day for example, this is quite random but I was working on Thor 2. I had a load of stunt guys in and the director came in and he said 'Look, we want you all to be elves,' and I was like 'What the hell is an elf anyway?' and he said 'I want you all to walk around like these supernatural animals,' honestly it was the most ridiculous thing ever but you just have to not be self aware and get on with it.

So who are the elves? There are a couple different Elven races in the Thor comics mythology, but the subtitle of this sequel suggests that Thor might be heading to Svartalfheim and an encounter with Malekith the Accursed, ruler of the Dark Elves that dwell on that plane. Another mid-'80s Thor enemy, Algrim the Strong, could also play into this storyline.

It's important, too, to remember that Marvel has been getting better at spreading misinformation about its movies. There were loads of false rumors about The Avengers as that film shot, for example. So this could end up being wrong or only partially true.