VOTD: '135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith In Cinema'

We've just come out of Comic Con, which detractors say is an event that breaks down potentially good movies into indigestible, value-free ad pieces. And there's something to that. But there's something to be said for breaking films down into their component parts, and great inspiration can be found in single movie moments that evoke a greater memory or feeling than you'd think a couple seconds of film might be able to provide.

So let's go to a supercut. In this case we've got a collection of 135 shots from 86 movies that one site and its commenters chose as the most beautiful in film. This shouldn't be considered an authoritative list, as that would be absurd, but rather a lovely eight-minute reminder of some of the visual splendor of film.

This supercut comes from Flavorwire, which also provides an ID for all the films used. There are bound to be some here that even well-versed cinephiles don't know, or don't recognize immediately, so the list is useful. Nice choice of score for this piece, too. I'm always happy to hear Clint Mansell's work from Moon.

If this whets your appetite for something that is focused on the wonder of cinematography, but is also a little more substantial, search out the 1992 documentary Visions of Light. The film, shamefully is not on Blu, but can be found here and there on DVD.