Cool Stuff: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Mondo Poster By Jock [Comic-Con 2012]

Who says The Dark Knight Rises isn't at Comic-Con? There's no panel but there are Batmobiles everywhere, cool giveaways at the Warner Bros. booth, lots of different toys and this incredible poster. Created by comic book artist Jock, this poster for Christopher Nolan's final Batman film will be available at a random time Thursday at the Mondo booth at San Diego Comic-Con. And there's even an alternative version being given away. For free. Find out more below.

Here's Jock's Dark Knight Rises poster from Mondo, available Thursday by following @MondoNews on Twitter and being at San Diego Comic-Con booth 437.

But wait, what's that second image with all the villains? Yes, that's an alternative version of the poster that's literally being given away by Warner Bros. To enter, you have to follow @BatSignalSearch on Twitter and follow the contest instructions.

The horizontal poster with no villains is a 24 x 36 edition of 375 and costs $50.

I'm in awe of this poster and I really hope I get to see it in person. The fact that it's all bats just blows my mind. Can we agree this is probably the best Dark Knight Rises poster yet? And it might not even be the last one Mondo has this weekend...

Source: Badass Digest