Josh Trank Officially Set For 'Fantastic Four,' David Slade Drops Off 'Daredevil'

Fox is one of several studios that decided not to bring big projects to Comic Con this year, but that doesn't meant the company isn't making news. Some new details have just been released about two Fox reboots of Marvel properties, with Chronicle director Josh Trank officially set for Fantastic Four and David Slade dropping off the Daredevil remake.

Deadline has details on both, saying that Fantastic Four will be the next Marvel film Fox dates for release, to follow The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class 2. We knew a script was in the works, and that Trank was developing the film, but this is the first official news about forward momentum on the project in a while. The film will feature a new cast and a new take on the characters. Deadline says that FF will likely be Trank's next movie. (Also meaning he might not end up doing Shadow of the Colossus after all.)

And then there is Daredevil, but it won't be directed by David Slade (30 Days of Night, Hard Candy, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse). Fox is getting close to the wire with Daredevil, and will lose the rights to the character if the new film isn't in production by this fall. Slade couldn't make the schedule work, reportedly, and so has cut the film loose. Because Fox likely wants to retain the rights, expect a new hire announcement (someone! anyone!) soon.

Could Fox just decide that it doesn't want to rush things, and let Daredevil go back to Marvel? That would be fun to watch. But Fox supposedly likes the David James Kelly script, so if a compatible director can be found, the film might go ahead.

(That rights reversion issue is also part of why Fantastic Four is likely to move forward quickly, too. Fox has more time with FF, but still has to have something on screens within the next couple years, or risk the rights going back to Marvel. But I have faith in what Trank might do with FF, and this doesn't seem like a mad dash to make some crappy movie just to keep the rights at Fox.)